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Anti-Bambi treatment has double effect on psoriasis and PsA.  It enhances Treg differenciation AND inhibits pro-inflammatory cells.

Anti-BAMBI mAb treatment exhibits both preventive and therapeutic effects in chronic PsA.

Inhibitec’s therapeutic approach to Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) presents an innovative molecular target and a revolutionary mode of action. Contrary to currently available inhibitory biologics for PsA, which target exclusively inflammatory cells or mediators such as TNFα, IL1β, IL-6, or IL-17, Inhibitec introduces an entirely novel and disruptive strategy with a dual protective effect. By inhibiting BAMBI, we enhance the signaling strength of TGFβ and IL-2 in CD4 T cells, resulting in the simultaneous reduction of inflammatory Th17 cells and, more significantly, a substantial increase in both the quantity and effectiveness of protective Tregs.

Th17-mediated Chronic Inflammatory Diseases
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